Touch dimmer ICs/ Encoder/decoder ICs / Led flash ICs

Touch dimmer IC: 3 sections option ( weak bright→middle bright→strong bright→cut off ). Encoder/ decoder ICs: pair for wireless remote control parts, Led flash ICs: build in oscillator circuit, LED flash time and frequency be fixed.

Sound effect ICs/ Siren sound ICs

Wide variety of sound effects. such as gun sound, telephone ring, Bi-bi sound, police car sound, ambulance siren sound, fire engine siren sound, Animal (cat, hen, dog, cow) sound, Train, Baby, Truck, Car sound and so on.

Doorbell ICs/ Wireless doorbell ICs

Ding-Dong, Ding-Ding, bird sound, and West minister bell sounds doorbell, Remote control with 2 sounds, Ding-Dong sound with dual tone.